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SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Trump, the Greenpeace paraglider and the mysterious death of the Secret Serv

Trump, the Greenpeace paraglider and the mysterious death of the Secret Service Agent Remagen.

I know I am just an anonymous poster on reddit, I know I am nobody but I would first like to express my sincere condolences to the family of US Secret Service Agent Nole Edward Remagen who died while protecting the President of the United States in Scotland. His sacrifice to our Country will always be remembered, honored and dignified. video1.

What happened?

Friday, July 13 2018. Trump is on his way to the Helsinki Summit with Vladimir Putin and stops with his delegation at his Turnberry Golf Resort in Scotland. As Trump is standing outside in the gardens, this happens: video2.

In addition to his banner reading “Trump well below par #resist”, we learn in this July 15th 2018 NY Time article

that the paraglider was a Greenpeace operative and was 55. Two days later, Secret Service Remagen dies after suffering a severe stoke. link1

You remember, I told you in my previous post, how the death of this agent was subtly mocked the very same day he died and how Trump’s Scotland resort was even more subtly degraded to hint at the attack in the most vicious and insulting way. Now I have questions for you: did you notice the Greenpeace paraglider and the MK Ultra victim Jeffrey Boyd were both 55? Did you notice that since D is the 4th letter of the alphabet, the 5D network we uncovered in that post can also be seen as the 54 Network. 54? The mirror, the opposite of 45. Who is 45? Yes, POTUS… The 5D network is opposition to POTUS. What is the opposite of 5D? Yes, D5. We find the D5 dynamics in several posts in Q board: Imgur1

Did you also notice Jeffrey Boyd had a 45 (9) with 2 (1+1) rounds hinting at the 9/11 false flag? Coincidence?

I will show you it is not. Who are these people trying to assassinate our President, sending threats, cryptic messages on flying banners, mocking the death of a Secret Service Agent and using numbers and symbolism?

I will show you who they are. We have seen in Scotland and in the rally the lower layers. Today I will show you the upper layers, the ones who really run the show, those JB himself takes his instructions from. But this information has a cost: I will need to show you first how their comms are structured. Are you ready for a deep dive in the enemy’s comms? I will make it as simple as possible, those among you who do not like numbers, please give it a try, you will see, it’s less complicated than having to verify your change at the grocery store. Seriously. Not kidding.

First, let’s listen to Trump at the Tampa rally until the 45:15 minute mark: video3.

Amazing stuff. Trump says “you know where I’m getting at, right?”. Do you know where he was getting at? Yes he repeated 17 several times in reference to Q, the 17th letter of the alphabet, and validated him yet another time. But beside the Q validation, do you know where POTUS was really getting at? What if I told you POTUS has given you in these 2 minutes a crash course to understand the comms?! He said in a “nonsensical” sentence trail, seeming to be all over the place: 17 (several times), overnight, Mike Pompeo (randomly), Pennsylvania Avenue (several times).

What is he really saying here? Well, there is a clue: 17 is Q’s position in the alphabet. Trump is using Gematria, he is affecting a number to each letter. He is using the English Ordinal Gematria which consists of affecting to each letter its position in the alphabet. Just as Q taught us here:

Q40 4,10,20 A,b,c,d,e......

Q1299 R = 18. Q

This 4,10,20 is DJT= Donald J Trump. And this A,b,c,d,e...... means we should affect a number to all letters of the alphabet in the same way. And we get this chart: Imgur2

Now that you know this, read Trump’s speech again. Here is the transcript: Imgur3

Why does he repeat 17? Because he is giving a shout out to Q=17.

Why does he insist on Pennsylvania Avenue? Because the initials are PA=P+A=16+1=17=Q, he is re-validating Q.

Why 7 of the times he visited his hotel? Because the address of his hotel in DC is 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue. If you dismiss the repeated 1 and the zeros, you get “7 times visiting 1”, which is 17=Q again.

Why does he randomly bring in “Mike Pompeo” after saying “overnight”? Because overnight=118 and Mike Pompeo=118.

Now, a little more difficult: why did he pick 118 and not another number? Expand your thinking. Because -1+18=17. Again, he is validating Q.

So everything Trump said was nothing but 17. In these 2 minutes, Trump has given you examples of how Gematria can be used with initials, combining numbers, simple operations and erasing repetition to convey a message. He is also validating Q’s introduction to Gematria in Q40.

I said it before, I will say it again: try to master Gematria. As you can see, it’s a very simple process. For training purposes, try to calculate the Gematria value of your name or names of your family members. Use this online tool to help you: link2.

And if you encounter people trying to discourage you about Gematria, ask them to explain these Q drops:

Q40 4,10,20 A,b,c,d,e......

Q1299 R = 18. Q

Q1008 MS[13][13=M]MSM - The 'Wheel'

Q1771 Comms structure designed for a very specific reason. Q

To help you study, here is a summary of the techniques Trump and Q have shown us: Imgur4

Now you are equipped to understand the paraglider’s message on the banner. It says: “Trump well below par #resist”. What is the Gematria of this message? Use the online tool link3. You get 322. What is 322? Yes, it’s the famous symbolic number of the Skull and Bones Secret Society. If you are not familiar with the Skull and Bones Secret Society, here is an excellent summarizing video.

If you want to go further: Antony Sutton - The Order of Skull and Bones - Brotherhood of Death.

We now know this paraglider was sent by Skull and Bones to threaten Trump and the death of the Secret Service agent was the accompanying message… The paraglider’s banner was just like a big 322. Now what did Trump tell you about repetitions using the address of his hotel in DC? Yes, 322 can be read 32. What is the opposition of 32? Yes, 23. So? 55=23+32 is the number symbolizing the war between 23 and 32. This is why both the paraglider and Jeffrey Boyd are 55. Trump’s enemies are essentially saying: these things we do are in the context of our opposition to your 23. Which 23? This one: Imgur5

You got it? 23 is the Trump and Q dynamics. 32 is the Skull and Bones dynamics. And they are at war. A silent war. A deadly war.

Now that you know this amazing secret, you are equipped to understand what follows.

Let’s revisit the Pledge to America's Workers Event at the White House, watch until 14:23. video4.

Did you catch it? Why a pledge? Why 23 companies? Why the Youth? Trump is showing his opposition to the 32/322 Skull and Bones dynamics which, through secret oaths planted in our youth, secret allegiances and buddy-buddy business have deprived our Country from its wealth to enrich a few selected people. Through this pledge to American Workers, and the number 23, Trump is asking our Private Sector to show its loyalty to the People and to put an end to the Secret Societies vampirization of our economy. Imgur6

Fascinating. You want more?

Look at how 23 was painfully inflicted to MZ from Facebook: Imgur7

You think this Facebook stock value drop along with the one Twitter experienced link4

were random? No. Q told you right here:

Q1709 Something big about to drop. Q

Then, he told you he tried to have the politicians in DC take care of these corrections, but they were too slow, so he had the market do it for him:

Q1719 Insiders dumping? [DC moves slow] @Jack MZ Your hands are dirty. Q


So they thought they could manipulate the Stock Market with a B2=123.47 musical note

and a 666 threat

without Q being able to retaliate with real numbers, real money and real losses?

Q666 Stock market DIVE [666 - coincidence?].


Now you understand this war against Skull and Bones and similar entities is, for what physical eyes can see, primarily a financial war. To deconstruct their power that has evolved in our national and international political infrastructure, Trump knows it is necessary to attack the basis of their wealth: 1) perversion of our intellectual youth through Ivy League secret oaths and fraternities, 2) market manipulations causing artificial stock values and ultimately the creation of fake billionaires.

Are you familiar with Anthony Sutton’s? He was an economics professor at California State University, Los Angeles and a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution from 1968 to 1973. He was forced out of the Hoover Institution after publishing “National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union” where he shows how a certain US private sector funded the Soviet Union to benefit from the cold war. Sounds familiar? You thought the North Korea/Iran model Q is telling us about is a new toy for the Deep State? No! They have been creating and funding America’s enemies for ages. Read Sutton’s “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy”. Sutton’s most important work is America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones. In this amazing research, he shows among other things how this order was implicated in the financing of Hitler’s Nazi Germany through Wall Street and American businessmen such as Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s father video5 pdf.

They will never tell you this in school. Why? Because they control the Education System. Would they tell you about their crimes?

Q189 All that you know to be right is wrong. The ‘cult’ runs the world. Fantasy land.

This is what they tell you in school: Germany was destroyed after WW1 and their economy in pieces, Germans would hardly find anything to eat. Then, 15 years later, a guy named Hitler comes from nowhere and creates from these ashes the relatively most powerful military and industrial complex in human history that will later shake the whole planet. Oh Yeah? How? If this was real, shouldn’t this success story taught in schools and replicated? Where did he get the raw material? The fuel? The money? The intelligence? video6.

The truth is Skull and Bones and Co financed Hitler and used Nazi Germany as a platform to conquer the world. When the Allied Forces and Russia were about to close on them, they skillfully built the Berlin Wall and infiltrated both sides of the wall to continue the game under a new name: the Cold War. Then, they invaded Europe through the Nazi EU scam as explained in a previous post and were hoping to continue spreading. Unfortunately for them, after the wall collapsed, Russia went back to God and got Putin and America later woke up and got Trump. So? Russia! Russia! Russia! You see it? The very thing they feared in 1945 is what they fear today: the 2 super powers getting along and crushing them. The irony is today they don’t walls anymore…

Why am I telling you all this? It’s because I want you to know why they killed Trump’s Secret Service Agent Remagen in Scotland. Did you know one of the main battles that changed the course of WW2 was a battle called the Battle of Remagen? Coincidence? video7.

The conquest of the Remagen bridge allowed the first Sherman tanks from Company A, 14th Tank Battalion to cross the Rhine on March 8 1945 link5.

The German Army tried to stop this major strategic breakthrough by unsuccessfully attempting to destroy the bridge which ended up collapsing due to structural damage on March 17 1945. Do you now see the symbolism behind the death of Secret Agent Remagen? Trump was on his way to Helsinki, to Meet Putin, just like the Allied Forces were about to meet the Russians in Berlin. The murder of Agent Remagen was Skull and Bones way to remind Trump they will not allow his rapprochement with Putin. They are essentially saying: we will destroy the bridge you are trying to build with Russia. Now you know why they picked a Greenpeace paraglider, they meant: there will be no peace without our green… video8.

Q816 Follow the money. It’s always about the money. Q


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