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SerialBrain2 decodes Q1805 Message sent, we know - The Disturbing Connections.

SerialBrain2 decodes Q1805 Message sent, we know - The Disturbing Connections.

Message to my readers: I have received many messages about my posts being hard to find, subscriptions being mysteriously deactivated or my post page showing “page not found”. It seems this is something we will have to live with and endure for some time. Ready for patience? :) In the meantime, I am inviting you to bookmark the following page and click post every day at 9pm Eastern at the latest to check if I have posted a new article:

Thank you.

This is a condensed contribution in which I would like to share some of my findings with those who wish to take a deep dive into Q1805.

In Q1798, we learn a “mysterious woman” was contacted by a man who was threatening to assassinate Trump at the coming Wilkes-Barre rally in Pennsylvania. According to this “mysterious woman”, this man, Jeffrey Gardner Boyd, 55 of Tulsa claimed he was hearing voices from the CIA and drove all the way from Oklahoma to meet her. She alerted the local State Police which found him on Tuesday 31st 2018 and arrested him. They found inside his vehicle a loaded Springfield 45 caliber pistol and two full extra magazines.

Our “heroine” then decided to go public with her story hoping it could give her privileged access to POTUS she claimed she wanted to hug: tweet1.

In line at the rally, she is proudly wearing a Q Tee-shirt and is holding a copy of the newspaper recounting her feats of arms: tweet2.

She is hoping these 2 fetishes will help her be positively recognized and facilitate her access to POTUS.

Unfortunately for her, we know what happened and how the Secret Service took away the Q signs. Q informs us there was a threat:


Threat received. USSS acted appropriately. This is not a game. Q

Let’s stop for a moment and analyze. We have threat 1, which is the JB threat. Not John Brennan, Jeffrey Boyd 55=23+32 (analyze). Then, we have threat 2 which is related to the Q signs. Then Q says:

Q1805 Think connection. Threat 1 Threat 2 1 = past (newspaper) 2 = future (rally) 1=2

Great! Q is saying the 2 threats are the same! He is saying threat 2 is the continuation of threat 1. With this information, things get a little clearer and we can start focusing on names and clues.

First, the mysterious woman’s twatter handle is Kate Mazz. And Jeffrey Gardner Boyd says he is hearing voices from the CIA: he’s an MK-ultra victim. Another one. Do you see it? Why is Kate Mazz’s initials KM, like MK? Is she a handler? Did she “drive” our poor Jeffrey all the way from Oklahoma to create her story, become an overnight heroine and use it to approach Trump? That would explain why she is so pushy with her tee-shirt her newspaper and her tweets…

Ha-ha! When you get here, what do you do? Listen to Q:

Q1805 Think connection.

You start digging in her tweets and try to find connections. But to avoid looking for a needle in a haystack, you have to do it in a rational way. There is a clue: symbolism is their downfall, they always sign their crimes. Jeffrey Boyd has the same initials as John Brennan. Coincidence? Was our favorite signer trying to sign a new attempt on Trump? Let’s see if Kate Mazz and John Brennan have been communicating in the past.

February 17th 2018, we find a tweet from KM to JB, notice how the real message to Brennan is covered with some unnecessary noise, also notice the subtle reference to the MK Ultra C_A program: Imgur1

Okay… We know our heroine has some kind of MK-ultra “magic powers”, she’s looking for puppets to play with and she is letting JB know. This makes sense right? JB knows about the program as former head of the C_A. As you saw in the image, Q is advising Gina Haspel, new head of the C_A to find the similar classified programs and terminate them. Let’s keep digging.

In response to yet another veiled threat by JB, our heroine shows her knowledge of Chinese slow death techniques lingchi.

Notice we also have a real message and some noise to throw people off: Imgur2

Then, I saw our heroine has 3 accounts: 1st5D, 4th5D and 7th5D. Natural question is where are the other 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 5th5D accounts? I discovered all these 7 accounts were exchanging messages and that the 5th5D account which would communicate in Russian was now suspended. Let’s give a name to this strange group and call them the 5d network… Imgur3

Then, through one of her accounts, Kate shared with herself and 49 other people a tweet referencing JB, a house in the shape of a penis and a helicopter ride. The date of the tweet coincides with the day the USSS agent Remagen died in Scotland after Trump’s resort was flown over by a paraglider. Imgur4

And, finally, I discovered other members of the 5d network were in direct contact with JB and that their conversations were also strange, dark and with the same double meaning to cover affiliation: Imgur5

Is the puzzle coming together? Is this Kate one of the layers Trump announced in his tweet Imgur6

the day Peter Stzrok appeared in Congress with his now famous bottle of Coke? I established the relevancy of that bottle of Coke in this post1

and with the information available at the time on Q board, I made the connection between Uranium One, the Hammonds and the Governor Kate Brown. It seems we now have additional information allowing us to bring another Kate into the equation. Should we now dismiss the Kate Brown hypothesis? I don’t think so. I think it was a solid link and having multiple occurrences of Kate confirms in another elegant way Trump’s reference to ”layer” in his tweet.

Kate… Coke… Cocaine… Heroin… Heroine… Heroin. Take a look at the second article in the newspaper: Imgur7

Is this a coincidence? Or were they also signing what Kate was about to do if she had successfully approached Trump?

Now what was Kate about to do?

She wanted to give a hug to Trump right? Look at the symbolism in this tweet dated November 19 2016: tweet3.

It seems she just needed to get close to him. What do you think a rogue C_A sleeper cell operative may use in this case? You remember the Chinese slow death technique in her tweet to JB, hinting at slowly slicing the skin of the victim? We know chemicals used in a certain way can achieve similar results.

Well, take a look at this: Imgur8

Q1805 Message sent. We know. Q

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