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All About Project Weeping Angel

All About PWA! August 3, 2018 I want to take this day to celebrate those who have made it all possible for PWA to make it to this point. I look forward to many years sharing videos and friendship through this channel. Before I start this video, I have a list of people I want to thank. Since we are limited in time, it is impossible to thank all the people I wish I could thank, so I'm going to read a few today, and on a regular basis, I want to make updated gratitude videos to include others. So for today, these people I want to acknowledge are: - For sharing freely his years of knowledge and wisdom.

For their support and friendship: -

Deanna Mc

Barb at Project 2by2

Mark at Project ZeroPoint

...and of course my sister Sue G

For their various forms of support:

Thomas B aka Thomas William- for his music consulting and support

ringo stark - for his Amazing comments - ...and I made a couple of videos from his comments

David Zublick for his gracious permission to use his videos

For their commitment, encouraging comments, and faithful following:

Erica Shorr

barbara b



kenneth thomas

For their generous donations

Margaret Schall

Booboo Jones for being my first Patreon

Naze from twitter, for her financial support to purchase a Polar Camel cup

For their generous donations of time and experience

Wade B - for donating his time with Technical Support & Training

Robert J - for endless hours of donated time in Advertising

Tommy Mc on FB - for his Information Research sharing

Heather T on FB - for her Information Research sharing

Richard T on FB - for his Information Research sharing

Jay B on FB- for his Amazing graphic for PWA intro

Each video requires a minimum of seven hours to produce. Even though on most videos, I am reading SB2's amazing writings, it is still necessary to review each link supported. Many times the video links slip through the cracks, and I still get dinged by YT for a copyright infringement. In fact, when you see a commercial on my video, that is because I used a video that has a monetized copyright.

Currently, all PWA videos are being produced with no income, so I have so much gratitude for those who generously donate their time and money to help me in this process. I understand Q mentioned it is wrong to profiteer off of Patriotic videos, but I don't think Q meant donations and assistance from fellow patriots wasn't warranted to help sustain video providers. I have access to some beautiful patriotic Polar Camel cups. PWA previewed of some of the cups a few weeks ago on one of the videos. However, for those who do wish to donate $40 to $60, I really want to give something back in return. The intent of the donation is more valuable to me than the dollars generated. For this reason, in exchange for a $50 donation, I want to send you a 20 oz patriotic Polar Camel Cup. In exchange for a $60 dollar donation, I want to send you a 30 oz patriotic Polar Camel Cup. By the time I pay shipping and taxes, the actual donation profit will be about $15 to $20 depending on the shipping cost. Or if you prefer you may simply support PWA by purchasing the patriotic Polar Camel cup straight from the website at Still, even $1 will help a lot. If you are like me, there isn't a whole lot in the coffers to spread around, so even spare change is great. The software I use, the sound equipment, the time and other expenses can really ad up, so your support in any way is greatly appreciated.

This experience on YouTube has been a valuable experience. I've had the pleasure of meeting people all over the world. People have shared their personal journeys, their thoughts, their dreams, their fears, and their hopes with me. For those of you anticipating sharing your voice via YT, I highly recommend it. The MSM is no longer the Main Stream News. The 'Real' news is found right here on YT from brilliant people engaging in hours of research. I can learn so much more reading through my comments sections than I can ever learn from watching the 6:00 news.

Some people write very profound comments full of information and wisdom. In fact, I've made videos from Ringo Stark's comments. He and I don't even agree on many subjects, but his gracious and informative posts capture my attention and expand my imagination. If you get the chance to cruise through my comments, it is well worth the time to catch one of his posts. ...and don't worry, in his wisdom, Ringo Stark is accepting of all points of views. He and I both accept we are all on different paths of understanding in this life.

What many people may not know, is I work at night, so most of the PWA videos are made during the day before I leave for work. Once I release the videos, I cruise through the comments and answer as many comments as I can before I leave for work. I apologize to those who come in later who I can't respond back to .

Many people have asked what songs are used on my videos. I use the songs found in the Creator Studio on YouTube. Here is a list of some that come to mind:

Desert Caravan, Destination Unknown, Heaven and Hell, Light Years Away, Three Kinds of Suns, Apprehensive at Best, Gaia in Fog, Still Standing, Anthem, Soaring High, One Last Time, Air to the Throne, Urban Lullaby, and Eyes of Glory are just a few.

Urban Lullaby was used in the video SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Mr President we see you want to continue our B2 conversation

in the scene with President Trump walking beside Queen Elizabeth

Eyes of Glory was used in the older entry and exit on the PWA vieos.

Air to the Throne and Soaring High are currently being used in the video entry and exit

Once in a while, you may notice the sound on the videos is muffled. Well, I live in a Quonset Hut home, and the outdoor sounds can sometimes overtake the microphone. I use a Blue Yeti, (btw) and when construction, rain, or other outdoor sounds interfere, I'm forced to lean into the mic. Hence, this will cause the gain to be affected and I haven't learned how to adjust for that yet. When I started this venture a few months ago, I had no clue what I was doing. It has certainly been a learning curve, and I look forward to learning even more in the future.

Sometimes the weight of current events bogs me down. Sometimes, I question if I'm giving the best service that my audience deserves. Yet, it is amazing words of encouragement from great folks like you who keep me going.

Here are a few comments I want to share that have lifted my spirits:

from SerialBrain2 sent 7 days ago when I was disappointed in my video quality:

These are beautiful words from my amazing viewers.

Finally, I wish to end with this lovely comment by Kimberly Mills Parker


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