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SerialBrain2 decodes Q1734 A message that nobody but who understands? Solved.

Q1734 A message that nobody but who understands? Solved.

Today, we are solving the Q1734 riddle. This is an amazing riddle. It’s a real life riddle with real life clues. No pictures, no links, no timestamps or square matrices but the President of the United States himself is the clue, the riddle and the proof!

What is it about?

On July 27 2018, Q posts a screenshot of this The Hill article

Trump ducks media, cites bad weather despite clear skies as he leaves for Iowa


The president typically reaches Air Force One by taking a helicopter from the White House to Joint Base Andrews, a setting that allows the media to shout questions while he walks across the South Lawn. Trump often stops to take those questions.

But White House aides informed the press corps Trump would motorcade to Andrews due to "bad weather," a setting that makes the president unavailable to take questions.

The motorcade is used when weather conditions make it unsafe for the president to fly on the Marine One helicopter. But it was 77 degrees and partly cloudy at the time of Trump's departure at 9:21 a.m., according to AccuWeather.

When pressed by reporters, the White House cited "fog" as the reason for the bad-weather call. A "weather watch" advisory on Joint Base Andrews's website said the base is "open for normal operations."

Several White House reporters posted photos of clear skies following the White House's announcement.

explaining how Trump decided to not make his traditional walk across the South Lawn to board Marine One but to take his motorcade instead to get to the Joint Base Andrews. Watch: video1

Hahaha! Priceless! Not only the White House claims “bad weather” in a beautiful morning, but when pressed, they double down with a laconic “fog” and, to finish the cerebral carnage and grant it immortality, Q shoots this:

Q1734 A message that nobody but who understands? Q

Amazing stuff. Not only Q is confirming what most of us already know about Trump sending coded messages to be decoded but he is also hinting the related riddles have multiple levels of difficulty ultimately narrowing the number of potential solvers.

Before we get into the solution itself, I would like to give some help to those who are still not comfortable with Gematria, which is the process of assigning numbers to letters. This operation is the building block of all coded languages. Those for example who read the Bible and have an understanding of it above common knowledge, know there are multiple “riddles” involving numbers and Gematria. Try to spot and solve the one related to the dimensions of the Temple. Try to solve the biblical 153 narcissistic number. The most famous Gematria riddle is in the Book of Revelation:

This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666. Revelation 13:18

As you can see, this verse makes a direct correspondence between a number, a beast and a man. And God Himself is revealing only those who have wisdom will have access to what is being said. Do you know the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge is about knowing things, wisdom is about ordering them in a harmonious manner. Knowledge is to wisdom what notes are to music… The instruments are in between and Gematria is one of them… Read again.

Kings, Presidents and major leaders know about this language and, in conjunction with time stamps and literature references, send messages to those in the know. For example, try to identify the biblical reference that caused the 12/07/1941 Pearl Harbor FDR speech to be known as the Infamy You may visit Randy King on YouTube and type in Pearl Harbor Address FDR December 7 1941 Infamy Speech to watch the video of Roosevelt's speech video2

On Dec 8 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt delivers "a date that will live in infamy" speech, committing the US to WWII

Roosevelt says: December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

All this to say learning Gematria in its different forms will not only contribute to the enrichment of your spiritual life through an expanded understanding of Divine Scriptures, but it will also allow you to be part of the political conversation going on around you and that you were not aware of.

Now back to our riddle. So what do we have? These are the components:

Bad weather - fog - Trump “eclipsing” (can you solve the esoteric riddle? 1734=[A/3][2A/3]= the cloud giving 1/3 of its load to earth, reception made possible through imitation…) - departure of the motorcade at 9:21.

Now let’s analyze. As usual, I will show you my thought process. Since all this happened the next day of my post about John Brennan,

I know POTUS is going to stay in context and continue the conversation, so I have to have John Brennan somewhere in the back of my head to solve his riddle.

Gematria of BAD WEATHER = 87 Gematria of FOG = 28 Departure of motorcade: 9:21 AM Complete name of John Brennan = John Owen Brennan (JOB) Gematria JOB = 27

Do you see it? This FOG=28 is “almost” connected to John Brennan through JOB=27 right? There is a 1 in between. We are close… We need to keep analyzing. What is Brennan’s date of birth?

Date of birth John Owen Brennan= 9/22/1955

You see this 9/22? It’s “one away” from the time of the departure of the motorcade: 9:21.

That one left is the 1 that was missing between JOB and FOG! We have successfully connected John Brennan to the riddle!

But we still have this “BAD WEATHER=87 floating. Do you remember what I said in the post about what I figured out? I said:

Now I have a question for you: if I figured this out from my kitchen, can you imagine for a second what Trump has gathered from the servers and from the data Q has collected while they thought their comms were secure?

The next day POTUS says: BAD WEATHER=87. What is the Gematria of SERVER? Yes 87 also! And here is the server connected to our riddle. We can now put our findings in graphic mode: Imgur1

I hope you took the time to closely analyze this picture solving the riddle. After I drew it, I stared at it for several minutes. Not because of my poor art but because I was going through all its implications. Do you realize POTUS gave instructions to have his motorcade depart at exactly 9:21 AM to compensate the 1 that was missing between FOG and JOB?! POTUS also created a stunning alternate weather reality and changed his transportation habits to send us the message I have just decoded: all Brennan’s activities are indeed documented in the servers.

Thank you Mr. President, message well received.

Now when you receive this kind of information from POTUS himself, what do you do? Yes you focus on the target and you keep digging.

Here is what I found: Imgur2

Distribution of intelligence? Here is something very interesting: in March 2001 Brennan becomes Deputy Executive Director of the C_A. On April 1st 2001, this happens: Article1.

In this article we learn: “A United States Navy spy plane on a routine surveillance mission near the Chinese coast collided on Sunday with a Chinese fighter jet that was closely tailing it. The American plane made an emergency landing in China, and the United States said it was seeking the immediate return of the 24 crew members, all said to be in good condition, and of the sophisticated aircraft and all its intelligence equipment”. So far everything looks like a random accident. But then I found this article from The Intercept: article2.

I recommend you read this article slowly and in its entirety. It reveals damning information about this “incident” and how the Chinese authorities dragged their feet on the diplomatic side to allow their technicians to extract sensitive tech and data from the aircraft. We also learn the investigators found that the crew had a lot of unnecessary classified data onboard! Yes, you read it right: the aircraft carried classified data that did not have anything to do with its mission… Here are a few lines I have compiled from this article for you: Imgur3

Do you realize what is going on here? Top secret keying material? Insight into US cryptologic methods? US Signals Intelligence Directive? Enemy submarine monitoring protocols? And all the rest?! You have here more than you need to hijack planes and launch missiles using US military and civilian platforms!

In this post,

I have shown how Brennan had his hands all over the Jet Blue aborted false flag, how he tried to “sign” it not only with his initials: JB= JetBlue but also with a next day article and a same day Joe Kennedy re-tweet in reference to the JFK airport. The new element we now have, thanks to POTUS confirmation is that Brennan may not have been just a user of the tech enabling the hijack and remote control of aircrafts but may have been the architect of the distribution of this tech through the April 1st 2001 Chinese “incident”.

To reinforce this idea, let us notice Q, in reference to the missile launched targeting Air Force One, he refreshed the information and posted this:

Q1732 Specific reason for the reminder. Everything stated has a purpose. Q

What is Q saying here? Why is he saying 2 posts later:

Q1734 A message that nobody but who understands? Q

Q is connecting the launch of the missile targeting Air Force One to the riddle and therefore to Brennan. He is essentially saying: you made the connection Brennan-JetBlue, now I give you through the Q1734 riddle, the connection between Brennan and the missile which targeted Air Force One.

And Trump weighs in and says: everything about Brennan is in the servers.

Q1682 Why does POTUS continually refer to the server? POTUS does not speculate. Future proves past. Who has it all?

Now let’s expand our thinking and extract what all this really means. This 4/1/2001 Chinese “incident” is illustrating the constant weakening of our Country at all levels (military, industrial, financial…) through the illegal exportation of our sweat and know-how.

Q1235 America for Sale.

At this point, I have a question for you, just to see if you have paid attention: why do you think POTUS disclosed the GDP numbers on July 27th 2018? Let’s watch video3.

Did you notice how he insisted about the trade deficit drop? The trade deficit is the very indicator you need to look at to know if our Country is still for sale or not. This is what Q signaled 2 days prior to Trump’s announcement, using the same verb POTUS used several times: drop.

Q1709 Something BIG is about to drop. Q

The Facebook and Twitter recent huge stock market corrections are illustrations of something bigger: Trump has put an end to the America for Sale dynamics( I will write soon about what really happened in the Stock Market, Q gave us fascinating clues). With what we now know, these corrections are signs our Country is back in our hands. We are taking back our wealth.

To make sure the message is well received by the enemies of America, Trump announced his 4.1 GDP exactly 17 years and 117 days after the 4/1 Chinese “incident”. Q=17. Coincidence?

Q1425 TRUST the plan. Conspiracy NO MORE. We are in full control. PAIN! Q


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