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SerialBrain2 decodes Q: The real reason why Trump modified his answer about the Intelligence Communi

The real reason why Trump modified his answer about the Intelligence Community and Russia.

We’ve all seen the video where Trump modifies his statement about the Intelligence Community and Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections video.

MSM is rejoicing using words like “backflip”or “backpedal”.

Well, let me tell you the real reason: I told you in my previous post titled Trump’s brilliant chess combination in Helsinki,

what the ball Putin gave to Trump represented. I told you in that post how Trump skillfully invited Putin to the show by playing the right chess combination in Helsinki. So? If they had their 1 on 1 and are on the same page, there is no point for Trump to be at odds with his Intelligence Community anymore. He can now act on the surface as tough as he wants and accuse Russia of whatever would satisfy whomever. Consequence? That puts Russia in a defensive stance and “forces” Putin to provide the evidence Trump is wrong. When that happens, Dems and the MSM will go crazy. Again.

Now just take a minute and try to imagine all the things Russia can be accused of and debunk… Are you tired of winning yet? Hahaha!

Q564 These people are REALLY REALLY STUPID.

Here are a few of the comments on this thread you may find very interesting:


Greetings SB2, Hope you are very well. What did you think about the soccer ball with the chip?


Or what happened elsewhere while we were looking at the ball?


Just saw news that the soccer ball given to Trump is a ball manufactured with a chip. Story said that Russia turned over to Trump over 160 TB of data implicating ALL of the worldwide corruption players. That's why Putin told Trump "the ball is in your court" => take the info I've given you and run with it. The ax is starting to fall!


Uranium One.



Ukraine (Soros).

Do it.




Putin/Russia were not directly involved with Haiti, although they might have some valuable information on that too.


True... I was just getting excited thinking of ALL the stuff that needs to come out !!! I just hope there will be way to expose all these crimes without the regular MSM ignoring it!!!

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