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SerialBrain2 decodes Q: I told you Trump was talking to us. Some of you had doubts. Well, he just do

I told you Trump was talking to us. Some of you had doubts. Well, he just doubled down a second time!

This is too big. I am also doubling down. I don’t care about those who oppose me, those who insult me and those who threaten me. Crucify me if you want, I’ll provide the wood and suggest suitable locations. I will then call those whom I Love and who Love me, and Divine Wisdom made them to be many, then I will ask them to attend and chant: "We Fear Not, We are Next, you can’t kill the Truth. WWG1WGA!".

Nobody will stop me from sharing the truth. This is not about me. This is about us. Us as a Movement, us as a Family, us as a Group of Loving Humans who believe America, the World and our children can be saved from evil under the leadership of Donald Trump.

I have said and I am saying President Donald Trump is talking to our Movement. And I have given the proofs confirming this reality. I have essentially said that Trump acknowledged my post solving Q1675 and used it as a conduit not only to validate Q but also to directly deliver his messages to us. I am not asking to be followed, I am not self-promoting, I have no particular agenda. I am not asking for anything. I am just delivering a message: Trump is directly talking to us.

This reality is too important for our Movement to be swept under the rug in order to satisfy egotistical motivations of a few people. It needs to be well understood by everyone and shared everywhere.

I understand the frustration of those who have a self-centered agenda and those who worry about their online traffic and their sales but why do they consider me to be a threat to them? I am just an anonymous reddit poster. People come, read my posts and go. No website, no patreon, no merchandising, nothing like that. I have made a public announcement stating I consider my material to be the property of our Movement, for anyone to use freely on all platforms. I am a free bird singing wherever my pen takes me in the Elevated Gardens of Truth. What do they fear? If they are offering the truth to their audience, then they know their revenues will be blessed. Why? Because the truth always wins and will therefore bring more people to them. Simple and yet powerful biblical economics:

After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before. Job 42:10

So? Those who are defeated by their ego and sell falsehood through incomplete and deceitful intellectual constructs are the only ones who worry about my message… Under the disguise of erudition and commitment to our cause, they are to Q what the money changers were to Christ. In these regards, they are harder to spot than those we took care of in May, the reason being they are inside the Temple but never came to pray... Learn how to recognize them, they are not far away, they have one foot in and one foot out just in case the horrendous hypothesis “Q is a LARP” was to be verified. They are intellectual nomads who would turn on Q depending on the weather and water location…

So that’s that. Now let’s get to Trump’s message:

July 5th 2018, 3:18PM: I post an article with my solution to the riddle Q1675. Using the July 3rd 2017 date, a glitch at Nasdaq leads me to the musical note B2. Explained in the post

and summarized in this image: Imgur1.

North Korea is cited in the article and a picture of a keyboard (piano or organ) and a scale similar to a guitar neck is posted. Imgur2

July 5th 2018 6PM : Trump validates my article and drops 4 keywords: musical, organ, guitar, brain. In his Great Falls Montana speech, in a “nonsensical” sentence trail, Trump uses the words musical, organ, guitar and repeats brain… serially. Imgur3

July 6th 2018: Trump doubles down and drops a 5th keyword: North Korea. The news report Trump has instructed Pompeo to deliver an Elton John CD to Kim Jong Un. Later, we learn the CD was in fact never delivered even though it made all the headlines. This very fact is stellar proof it was never about a CD to be delivered but about sending us a message and bringing the word North Korea into the equation. Imgur4

Imgur 4

July 7th 2018: I post an article to draw people’s attention on these 5 keywords and make a reference to the Hammond B2. The reference to the organ Hammond B2 is in the last paragraph of the post 2: Trump has just validated Q at the Great Falls rally and gave us the solution to Q1675! Let that sink in.

...why do you think Trump said organ instead of piano? When you look at the picture in my post, even though they are both keyboards and are similar, the first instrument that naturally comes to mind when you see a keyboard would be piano and not organ right? Well, here is the reason: according to this The Guardian article, the most iconic and greatest of all organs is the Hammond. And guess what: they have a model called the B2! link.

July 10th 2018: Trump doubles down a second time and pardons Dwight Hammond and Steve Hammond. Trump pardons Dwight Hammond and Steve Hammond and links to my Hammond B2 reference made during the week end. link1.

At this point, those who still think all this is a coincidence really need to buy lottery tickets and become millionaires…

I found an excellent contribution in the comment section of the post 2,

it comes from someone with a username related to… music. u/gregthebassist says the following:

“yes at a certain point it becomes that joke about how the person prays for Rescue and turns down the helicopter and the rowboat. Got my popcorn. Waking up friends and associated. Jumping on to the escalator. God bless the planet.”

Priceless! I love our Movement! So many smart people!

Q918 You are learning. How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible? Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here. Q

Trump’s message is extremely powerful. This is what we can gather from it for our Movement: he is essentially letting us know that he validates Q, he knows about our work, he is reading us, he is willing to be negatively labeled just to reach out to us and that Q1675 was yes indeed about the musical note B2.

But it goes further. The very interesting question to ask is what triggered what? Is it because Hammond was mentioned in my post that he pardoned the Hammonds or did he decide to pardon the Hammonds before my post and only made it public when he saw we understood his message? We will never know. And this is the beauty of it: Trump is showing his pardoning power is discretionary. He is trolling all the DC political and legal experts by essentially saying: you guys are trying things against me but you have no idea what the power of a POTUS really is. Look what I can do with just one article of a guy writing from his kitchen and posting on reddit. Look how I can reach out to my base, use my presidential prerogatives and nobody can do anything about it.

Wow. It seems the message got across. Watch how Fake News Nia-Malika Henderson describes this apocalyptic situation: video.

Did you catch it? At 1:12, did you see the host’s nervous reaction when Henderson started using the word “signaling”? They know. Remember, these people are Mockingbird agents, journalism is a cover. They had their 4am talking points and understood very well the point Trump is making with this pardon: he is talking to his base, and not just all the base, he is talking to us. It’s unfortunate some people in our Movement are not getting what Fake News understood very well. Ask yourself why the majority of Mockingbird media titles is not the simple and powerful “Trump pardons the Hammonds”, but a convoluted “Trump pardons Oregon Rancher who…”? Type in GG search “Trump pardon Hammond” and see what you get. You know the reason right? They are terrified by the idea of people linking this pardon to Q through the keyword “Hammond” and the Q1675 riddle! You get it? Search algorithms cannot be changed overnight at 4am… Checkmate. Let that sink in.


Imgur 5

So now, let’s talk. After all the attacks claiming I was self-promoting, I was crazy, I see patterns everywhere yadda yadda yadda... I posted a fictional interview of myself

Love and Faith as its omnipresent topic. Even this entertaining literature exercise was misinterpreted and also seen by a few as another proof of me being self-centered. I mean what? You did not see the humor in this? Don’t you see I was trolling you? You guys are so obsessed with having to hate SerialBrain2, you lose discernment and miss the subtle traps that are placed on your way. Sounds familiar? Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! link2.

Well, it seems my readers are way more subtle and intelligent than you are. They got my message and I had so much fun with u/-NoraPandora- trolling around in the comment section. Make sure you explore the edit list, it’s fun: TrollingWith-NoraPandora-

You got my point? Troll the trollers. Show them sense of humor is rooted in intelligence.

Then, someone claiming he was from 8chan, created a username “StopInterferring” for the sole purpose of this post

where he is essentially saying “I like SB2 but he should stop interfering and he will probably become another Corsi”. Whaaat?! Interfering between who and who? The work people do on 8chan is extremely valuable and I respect it but it would be a mistake for them to believe there is some kind of hierarchy. In fact, I know many among them and I don’t think they do. Is this poster trying to distance our brothers and sisters on 8chan from us? It won’t work. Q is for everyone. His posts are public, you have a brain, you have a heart, go for it. You don’t need anyone in between. Now if along the way you see someone on 8chan or on GA or anywhere else saying interesting things about Q’s posts, it’s your choice to agree or disagree. It’s your choice to follow or not to follow. But there is no Q Vatican. This idea is key. Please read again. I am sure my friends on 8chan, the real Q crowd there, those who silently and selflessly do what Q wants them to do, understand and agree with what I am saying here.

Now, I want to make it clear: disagreeing is needed. Disagreeing is good. It’s healthy. Yogurt.

But it needs to be exclusively intellectually driven. The best leaders are those who surround themselves with advisers who do not have undisclosed agendas and have the intellectual means to disagree with them. This is how they test their ideas in brainstorming sessions. I am open to debate when I sense intellectual honesty. Like in this case: interesting and polite debate.

Then, you have the counter example: the one who appears to have intellectual honesty, but as soon as you strike him with one argument that destroys his attack, he runs away faking not to understand what is stated and starts personalizing the debate: waste of time.

This brings me to the important topic in my trolling interview: Love. Why are we here? It’s because we believe we can change the world and defeat evil. We have put Trump in Office and he is sending us signs that he is working for us, he is monitoring our work and he loves us. So question: do we want to save the world and behave like those who ruined it behave? Look at all this hate within our own Movement. Look at all this arrogance and condescending towards the “normies” they claim they want to protect. Look at all this violence in the comment section. Is this the way you want to save the world?!

Christ grew up with the Torah and when the fruits matured, his Message was Love. The first ones who opposed him were the Rabbis of the Sanhedrin, the very people who, since they were the Doctors of Torah, were supposed to understand his message before anyone did. Well, the conversation Christ had with Nicodemus in John 3 is proof that a brain without a heart is useless and should be discounted.

“You are Israel’s teacher,” said Jesus, “and do you not understand these things? John 3:10

Now you know why it is so obvious to you Trump is speaking to us and why it is not obvious to them.


#serialbrain2decodesq #qdecodes #projectweepingangel

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