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Trump has just validated Q at the Great Falls rally and gave us the solution to Q1675! Let that sink

Q1675. Controversial post. I gave you in my previous post

the solution to the riddle. I have seen many other attempts which I respect because I have found some of the ideas to be very interesting and clever but I must defend the truth: I have not seen any other solution addressing all the following issues at the same time in one condensed, meaningful and backed with known open source facts (not conjectures) explanation:

Why Air Force One, why a reflection, why Apple, why Saudi Arabia (Q1681), why the truth is behind you, why Independence Day, why a mug holder.

The solution I presented addressed all these issues at once. And today, for the purpose of sharing how the reasoning is hierarchized, I will address the “Twitter phone” component: it is a piece of the puzzle elegantly joining the others because Prince Al Waleed is a major Tweeter shareholder. Do you see it? Just the information Tweeter+Apple could have been triangulated and lead to Prince Al Waleed and resolve Saudi Arabia in Q1681 but it would have been a weaker link than getting to him through the mug. Why? Because the probability of one being a shareholder in Apple and Tweeter (including just one dollar) is higher than a triple random emphasis on “mug”: Q, Prince Al Waleed and Al Jazeera. Using the couple Tweeter phone - Apple logo was a hint to activate our intuition but not to use it in the reasoning because the mug clue would have then lost its relevance. Look how Q subtly dismisses the Tweeter phone in the reasoning:

Q1677 Who would have thought the 'Twitter' phone could be so useful.

This is pure delectation for the mind…

The mug route was therefore the route Q preferred, otherwise, he would have limited the riddle to the triangulation of Apple and Tweeter to get to the Prince. Which he did not. The reason is the mug brings the idea of the detention, makes the riddle self sufficient and does not require us to conjecture that Q wanted us to include it in our reasoning. This detention component is crucial because if it is removed, we don’t get to the DC politicians being freed and therefore don’t get to Q1681 Today, as Patriots, we celebrate our Independence.

I would like to also give some help to those who struggle with me taking the musical note direction to understand 123.47. I said it in the comment section but will also share it here: using musical frequencies for ciphered messages is actually an old, robust, tested and common practice. It is still used today and the subject of current advanced academic and industrial research. Here are some links for those who would like to go further: link1

On the Beethoven website:

Can you find the cryptic message hidden in this Beethoven sonata?

With the help of 'Symphonic Secrets', John Suchet has encrypted a special message in the score of one of Beethoven's most famous sonatas. The challenge for you is to find it.

Are you the sort of person who loves taking the crossword or Sudoku while listening to great music on Classic FM? Well, today you can combine the world's greatest music with your love of a cryptic challenge.

Symphonic Secrets is a new company in the UK that creates cryptic messages within beautiful scores of classical favourites (for those special, meaningful or romantic messages for the music lovers in your life).

We saw what they were doing on Facebook, and thought we really should challenge our listeners...

For more research on using cryptic messages through music, these are more links to explore:

Next, find the notes marked in red in the score and match them to the letters in the cryptogram.

This will give several lines of letters. Your next challenge is to find the hidden words. (Note: this is an example from another score - it's over to you now!)

Symphonic Secrets code solution

These are more links to explore about cryptic musical messages:






Make sure to go into the description box, and click on these links. The information is amazing. Also, let me know in the comments if you wish for me to make a video on just the cryptic musical information. If I see there is enough interest, I will do so.

Q1226 Learn our comms. Q

SB2 writes: I am walking you through all these details so you know the thought process Q is expecting from us and how I discipline and constrain myself when solving his riddles. These are the tools through which you assess the quality of a solution. You first need to verify all the claims are backed with verifiable information, then you need to verify all the clues are used in a flawless manner to render the hidden message.

I have summarized the solution of the riddle in the following picture, read it clockwise: Imgur1

Now, I would like to show you something else. It’s fascinating.

Notice I have posted my solution of the riddle on Thursday July 5th at 15:18 Eastern. At 18:00 Eastern, Trump hosted the MAGA rally at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls Montana. Here is the website to see President Trump's calendar, and you will see that at 1:30 pm President Trump departs Washington DC in route fo Great Falls Montana. Then at 6:00 pm President Trump hosts the MAGA rally. Finally, at 7:25 pm President Trump departs at Great Falls, Montana to Newark, NJ. link 7

Reporting about the rally, Mockingbird media mocks Trump and claims that in the middle of his speech, he suddenly went “nonsensical” talking about musical instruments, Elton John etc…: Imgur2

Let’s listen: link

Here is the transcript of what Trump said: Imgur3

Then, the next day, this happens and makes all the headlines: Imgur4

Pause. Do you see it? Do you realize what just happened?

I will show you. When you activate the option, here is a screenshot of my previous post, with the solution of the riddle: Imgur5

Now let’s put Trump’s “nonsensical” speech next to the screenshot and analyze. This is what we get: Imgur6

What do you think? Mockingbird media is actually right, this part of Trump’s speech is “nonsensical” but only for those who are not part of the conversation. Do you see he is talking to us?! Trump is having a Covefefe moment and is talking to us live on national TV! You tell me, what are the odds a few hours after a post by a guy named SerialBrain2 talking about Trump, musical notes (B2), pictures of a keyboard and guitar scale, Trump randomly picks each of these items in the same minute and, at the end, repeats “brain”… serially? Coincidence? If you think it is, then what is your explanation? How can it make sense?

You know, when I saw this. I said to myself: I can’t write about this. I’ll just keep it to myself, just like I kept to myself some other things… Then, I remembered this:

Q920 How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible? Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here. Q

It dawned on me there would be actually a day when things will be disclosed clearly. So? The stage has to be set. Progressively. Q linked to our sub: it meant he was reading us. He may be in the comment section sometimes, who knows? We were all happy and surprised. What if that was just a first step? If we are to get to Q920, other things need to be happening in between and we should not be surprised Trump talks to us, directly like he did at that rally.

When I got here, I said to myself: ok let’s give it 24 hours, if Q does not react, I will post about all this.

Then, the next day, Trump doubled down! With the Elton John CD he asked Pompeo to give to Kim Jong Un! 4 He was bringing North Korea to the musical note equation, just like I linked the North Korean ICBM test that occurred the day of the B2 glitch. It was like he was saying to us: hey guys I spoke about the musical notes, the guitar, the organ and the brain at the rally, now I give you North Korea.


Now, you know I always have the icing for the cake. Do you want it? Here: why do you think Trump said organ instead of piano? When you look at the picture in my post, even though they are both keyboards and are similar, the first instrument that naturally comes to mind when you see a keyboard would be piano and not organ right? Well, here is the reason: according to this The Guardian article,

the most iconic and greatest of all organs is the Hammond. And guess what: they have a model called the B2! link 8.

Q507 We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason. We believe in you. Q


Q already told us: We are all Q! ;)

#serialbrain2decodesq #qdecodes #serialbrain2 #projectweepingangel #presidenttrump #POTUS

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