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SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Occam’s Razor

Occam’s Razor: understand the context. Trump’s enemies are on political life support. Unplugging soon.

Let’s talk about Occam’s Razor.

Q says this:

Q1547 Ability to share [open]. (Heat) on who? (Full) transparency _ DECLAS? (Undiscovered) facts emerge? Ability to move forward? Occam's Razor. Q

What is Occam’s Razor?

From Wikipedia; we learn the following: Occam's razor is the problem-solving principle that, when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, one should select the answer that makes the fewest assumptions.

In simple terms, it basically means that when you have multiple possible explanations for a problem, the simplest one is more likely to be the correct one. Using this, many thought Q was inviting his readers to trivialize his entire board and find simple ways to solve his challenging riddles. Well, even though I believe the most elegant answer to a question is a simple answer, I don’t believe the process that gets you to the answer is always simple. This is the very essence of pure mathematics where thousands of pages are used to prove the answer to a one line question is a simple “yes” or a simple “no”. One classic example in Number Theory is the following very simple question derived from Fermat’s Conjecture:

For any integer value n greater or equal to 3, can we find 3 integers satisfying this equation:

an + bn = cn ? Yes? No? Or possibly and under which condition?

Simple question right? Well, it took more than 3 centuries, the largest number of unsuccessful proofs, the emergence of a new field in mathematics called algebraic number theory, the consideration of the very complex modularity theorem and the synergy of the brightest math minds on earth to answer this simple question. And the answer was no…

All mathematicians with a fair amount of intuition who dealt with this problem applied the Occam’s Razor principle: they tried a few times with given values of n, a, b, c and d and could not satisfy the equation so they thought: the answer must be no. That’s where the Occam’s Razor principle stops. Then, they had to prove the answer is really no. And that’s where the fun begins!

You now see what Q means when he says Occam’s Razor?

What is the context? He first posts this cryptic message:

Then, once anons start conjecturing about what it meant, he says this:

Then, when anon insisted, he said this:

Q is basically saying: since the message was not for anons, who do you think it was for? Apply the Occam’s Razor principle and the simple answer is: the message was for black hats.

Then, just like our mathematicians above, we proved the message was for black hats in this post.

Q1544 Message not for Anons. D= 4 or Q’s deadly military quatrain. Q1528 riddle updated.

Q1343 Truth is Freedom. Truth is logic. Stay the course. Q

Now that we clearly know what Q meant with Occam’s Razor, let’s apply it in the following example:

Q1575 Abandon ship! Hussein staff talking.

What are we leading up to? Q

First, did you see the confirmation of what we said in this post: Q is teaching us how to play the game of politics. Part 2: the Rosenstein multivariable differential equation. about using the current version of the IG report to convert and put pressure on those who may bring solidifying information?

Second, Q asks “what are we leading up to?”. He is referring to this linked article WATCH VIDEO AND TAKE IMAGE OF TITLE

where we learn Obama cyber chief confirms 'stand down' order against Russian cyberattacks in summer 2016. Occam’s Razor: the stand down order was given because the attacks were not Russian. Vault 7.

You now see why Brennan has to go all the way against Trump, with no possible coming back:

Did you notice how Brenan randomly jumped in a twatter conversation which was supposed to be between Trump and Comey? Why do you think he felt he had to post this incendiary message? I will tell you.

You remember the post where Q decoded a tweet from Comey?:

Did you know the real implication of what Q revealed here? Here it is:

You see it? Now if these false flags were made possible because the FBI dropped the ball at some point because McCabe was threatened and blackmailed, what happens if he is fired and if Wray successfully cleans the house? Yes, you got it, they will have to use another network to plan false flags. Hence Brennan. His tweet is essentially a message to Comey: now that McCabe is gone, I got your back, I have my network, it’s all yours.

You want a confirmation? Sure. Look at the way Comey acknowledges the offer and asks Brennan to activate his network the next day the IG report is out:

You want more? If you want to distract from the IG report and want to plan false flags, you need money from your usual secret donors right? Well, this is how you ask for it:

Stretch? No, I am only applying Q’s template on how to read

Comey’s tweets and… expand my thinking.

You want more? Let’s read Q1457.

We know Rosenstein was in Canada on June 11. But for what? The post says: “you cannot hide what is already known”. Occam’s Razor: this means Rosenstein traveled to Canada, one of the 5 eye countries to alter some kind of evidence. Fisa related? Former Canadian company Uranium 1? Very likely. We all know how Rosenstein betrayed Comey and organized his defenestration. Do you think Comey would help Rosenstein achieve what he is trying to achieve in Canada if he could? Well, 2 days before Rosenstein lands in Montreal, look how Comey absolves him and calls for transcending personal feuds for the emergence of a greater good by activating his personal CIA and political network in Canada:

So there you have it. This is what they do. And if I could figure it out just by reading Q, just try to imagine what Q knows and has about them. From what I have gathered from Q’s board, the game is already over. These people are on political life support and they will soon realize that the only way to stop the pain is to unplug.

Q1573 PAIN. House of Cards.


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