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SerialBrain2 Decodes Q Riddle Solved. Happy Father's Day Hussein!

SerialBrain2 Decodes Q Riddle Solved

The Q1528-Q1529-Q1530 riddle solved. Happy Father’s Day Hussein!

I have received many messages about Q1528, where Q posts the link to an edited video where we are given the pleasure to hear Hussein speak his mind.

Since the video is not “real”, many sent me messages asking me what I thought this was all about, which is fine. But what alerted me is many were starting to doubt the integrity of the board asking: did Q really post this? That was enough for me to take my pen again. Quick.

First, right after Q1528, this is what we have:

Q1529 Happy Father’s Day! Q

Do you read between the lines and sense the humor? Do you see he is talking to Hussein? It’s gift time folks: Bush Senior on his birthday with Singapore and Hussein on Father’s day. Why do you think Q is trolling Hussein on Father’s day? Happy hunting!

Then we have this:

Q1530 Lead in was cover. Exit out was missing what? Q

Q gives us the original speech and says the hint to solve this riddle was in the cover. What do we find in the beginning of the video? The title says: “Obama speech given at the Bilberberg Group”. We find Bilderberg is misspelled: the d is replaced by a b. A random d? What do you do in this case? I said it several times! You walk around the board and find the connection: you stumbled upon a key. Oh! What a coincidence, in Q251, Q says:

Q251 Learn to decider.

A d?! Again?!

Then in the same drop he says:

Q251 Focus on Hussein AIDS Video.

A Hussein video? Whaaaaat?! Coincidence? What do we learn about that video? We see it was recorded on November 25th Q262 and released on November 29th. Time difference: 4 days. What is the fourth letter of the alphabet? Yes... Coincidence? No. This d=4 is the key for a Caesar Cipher as explained in my previous deciphering tutorial posts. Now it’s also time for you to re-read my post about Q1304:

Q1304 Emmy awards. Red carpet event? Q

Here is the post.

Q1304 Emmy awards. Red carpet event? Q

Before we analyze footage, let’s first know what we are dealing with. Who owns the Emmy Awards? We learn [here] (, they are administered by 3 sister organizations, one of them is the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Wikipedia: National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences "NATAS" redirects here. So… the Daytime Emmy Award is a product of an organization named NATAS… Congrats Satan! I see you have another one here!..

So now that we know in which territory we really are, let’s look at some footage of the event. Let’s watch [video] (

You are still here? Tylenol works pretty well.

First, did you notice the insistence on Peter Marshall’s age? 92? At the beginning and the end of the footage? In less than 6 minutes, they mentioned it 6 times (I counted). And there is this perplexing joke nobody laughed at [6:52] ( “and at 92, that puts you in the same category as Mario”.

You want to know what she was saying? Here, look at this: Imgur

This is the periodic table of elements. What is element 92? Yes, Uranium…

Now you remember what I have explained about Gematria in my decoding posts? A=1, B=2, C=3… Z=26. Remember? Let us calculate the Gematria value of “Mario”. M=13, a= 1, r=18, i=9, o=15. Therefore, Mario = 13+1+18+9+15 = 56. I wanted you to know the justification but next time you may use this online tool: [Gematrinator] (

Now look at the table, you see the 6th line? Right after Barium Ba56, you are entering the category where Uranium and similar elements are. That is what she meant:“and at 92, that puts you in the same category as Mario (56+)”.

So this whole conversation is about… Uranium!

You will see how the Emmy Awards platform is used to relay secret information for bad actors. I recommend you read that post and come back. You will realize everything these people say is coded and have double meanings. Just like the Comey tweet was coded and decoded by Q himself in Q645: Imgur

This is what Q is hinting at with this “Obama Bilderberg video”: it’s not real but it is. The edited version of the speech is what Obama really meant to say and only the people in the know, those who are trained to read his speeches, have access to it. And of course, as a side note, Q is opening a door for the good investigators out there to try and determine what Hussein would be doing on Father’s Day…

I summarized the solving of the riddle here, read the image clockwise: Imgur

Q1225 Learn our comms. Q

This message is taken from two links:

SerialBrain2 on Reddit:

Riddle Solved

Emmy Awards: Red Carpet Event?

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