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Part II SerialBrain2 decodes Q: The Establishment against Trump or the birthday gift from Pyongyang.

Have you ever had this conversation with someone who thinks he has done enough research in what is commonly labeled as “conspiracy theory” to try to convince you that Trump was a hoax, was picked by the Establishment and that nothing will fundamentally change under his command? Some say he is a Zionist, others say he is an Illuminati, others, among the most sophisticated theorists, claim he is the Establishment’s Trump Card…

Let’s get to the bottom of this.

If someone challenges you about Trump being from the Establishment, one simple argument is this one: was Moses from the Egyptian Establishment? Wasn’t he a prince? How did his story end? So that’s that. Now let’s go further.

Look at this picture, it was taken at Trump’s inauguration speech. Try to guess what these people have just heard: See first image in video.

They look devastated. Do you think their demeanor is fake? Would they be all acting perfectly at the same time? What did Trump say that made them all this angry and worried? This is what he said, look at their reaction at the end in the first video clip.

Did you catch it? Did you see how Bush was nervously trying to make eye contact with a lost in thought Obama while Hillary was agonizing drowning in her “private positions”? Here, I looped it for you: video. This is what I like about the BBC: their staff is full of high level intelligence officer. They know exactly where to look at any given time. You can check the BBC production team is the only one showing Obama, Bush and Clinton at this particular moment when Trump is violently deconstructing the treasonous globalist policy that has attacked America. These MI-n agents working at the BBC know this is the culminating point of Trump’s speech, they know this is the moment Trump has declared war against the Establishment they serve.

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