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SerialBrain2 Decodes Q: Trump Is About To Take Them Down

SerialBrain2 Decodes Q

Trump is about to take them down. But wait: is this shiny enough for you to forget about the children?

Now this is getting very interesting…

Tommy Robinson, Roseanne, EyeTheSpy, #wherearethe children…

Do you see it?

All this happened in 5 days. And all these “heroes” and issues find their seat in our Movement’s scope of interest. Coincidence? No. Not a coincidence. You are witnessing Q’s opposition gaming up. They have now acknowledged Q’s tremendous impact and realize they have to come up with more sophisticated weapons on the communication battlefield to shut him down.

Ignoring Q, infiltrating him and labeling him did not work. Infowars and all their recruits are exposed, defeated and Q now has a base, a solid one. A base of woke people transcending races, frontiers, party lines and religions and who are focusing on the real thing: taking down the international pedophile and human trafficking network ran by politicians and billionaires protecting themselves with nuclear weapons and using the international aid infrastructure to smuggle children, funds and espionage material.

The cabal is on the run.

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